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Loath 01 by Applepie97
Loath 01
:dummy: My back hurt Dx Hehehehehe but It worths it ? 
I think I like him and wanna keep him :icondeyedplz: This is supposed to be Loana Genderbend xD
It's been weeks I have said I would draw him out and I finally did! :la: Hehehehe, It was supposed to be a doodle but I added colors xD 
I need to give him a name now, Tell me which you prefer : Loan, Loath, Loth??
I like loath the best because it means Anger! >:D Na na na na!!! Mouhahahahahhaaha okay no :iconpokerface3plz:
Okay I"m done, Love you all ; V ; 
Muaaah! :iconloveloveplz: That anatomy :iconlazycryplz: That Hand though :iconpapmingplz: Don't look! :XD: 
Also Tell me what you think of him, If you have any advice ; ) Comment! I am not quite sure of his Hair, it looks like noodles? xD
and his attitude ; ; don't hate me I just realised I didn't colored his earings
I need to make a drawing with the two... 
Loath | Applepie97
Gift 04 | Kisa Isidora Isayeva by Applepie97
Gift 04 | Kisa Isidora Isayeva
I missed drawing chibi, smi-chibi whatever xD Haha and do full drawing too, I lost my hand I think somewhere in my room and my back bone too :iconlazycryplz:
It's crazy, I love drawing that lady! I should draw her more often -v-
I told you I would thank you for the magnificent drawing you did for me! ; v ; Alluraine Lauel 
Here it is :dummy: I hope you'll like, maybe If my sexy imagination come back I may draw a kisadeiLoa :iconohohoplz:
I love this outfit, It's so girly so fluffy so cute! ; 3 ; 
I love her reddish hair, and this young lady -v- I needed to thank you for being such an amazing friend to me :V So here is my gift for you!
I told you all, I am in summer, I practice!! Mouhahahaha ok no ; _________________ ; 
Kisa is a babe! :icondeyedplz: she is muah!!
I made it in 3-4 hours 
Kisa | Alluraine 
Art | Applepie97 
Hope you'll like it ; U ; 
Akatsuki? by Applepie97
Asdfghjklmn, It has been so long seen I have taken a pencil to draw something,
I missed my baby, I need to work hard on her, story, appearance, (each time I submit something I change something also :iconmingplz:) I want to work out her histoiry so when I'm not dying I think about it :I 
Anyway I feel like I have improved on the face, and the anatomy also? a bit I can see it when I look though my gallery :la: at first I couldn't even color xD Hahaha such time passed ; u ; I'm nostalgic x") 
This scene could be when she had to enter the akatsuki, She followed a member or idek :dummy: all I know is that I work on it
Of course your opinion is welcomed u v u It will even make me happier, feel free ; ) ; 
Whoever she followed, she is crazy coming all alone xD Hahahaha 
Loana Hashimoto : Applepie97
Naruto Universe : M. kishimoto 
Bye I don't wanna work back ; ____________________________________________; Love you all, ; Y ; 
That second leg like FTW :iconpapmingplz:
  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Bad romance
  • Watching: sponge Bob
  • Playing: The very organized thief xD
  • Eating: Chocolaaaaate ~ o 3 o
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Try it out, it's fast and will make you Happy! ;v ;   
HAPPY BDAY TO US! by Applepie97
Why am I always late? feels like I'm cursed! :iconpapmingplz:
Anyway Im officially 18!! Woot woot I can drink and go to jail :iconmingplz: 
Hehe I am older than Loana, that's crazy ;v; But I'm okay and happy! My birthday was on may the 4th and then it was Deidara's too much for my weak hands
Also, I know I haven't post since centuries ago, but Anyyway I'm not dead yet xD LOL Im so very sorry for the sketchy drawing D: 
I couldn't do something quick and bootiful :iconpapmingplz:
Anyway thank you to those who wished me my birthday you are in a special part of my heart/art? You see what I did here? :iconpapcryplz:
Also, If you're wondering why she has a weirdy face it's because it's Deidara's gift and that we all know it might explode, They are special these two and their relashionship hurrr :iconteheplz:
Hehehehe, Thank you, I love you all
Also I think I have progressed a tiny bit! juste a little bit; (i Have practiced a lot since ;v;)
Ok My back hurts now :iconmingplz: Baybay 
The background stock was made by :devundeadzombiies: Go watch her stock they're fab! :iconloveloveplz: 
Loana (the youngest now) | Applepie97 
  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: Bad romance
  • Watching: sponge Bob
  • Playing: The very organized thief xD
  • Eating: Chocolaaaaate ~ o 3 o
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Try it out, it's fast and will make you Happy! ;v ;   



Applepie97's Profile Picture
(゚ロ゚*)ノ Illanna
Artist | Student
Hello everyone
I'm lana, 18, and this is my DA o 3 o
I'm a lazy ass artist and try to find a place here
I try to improve my lack of skill
Do note, message, comment text me I feel alone LOL :iconlazycryplz:
But I love you with all my art! - Got it? ;_______________; oK i'm ok... I think?
I Love you all <33
Feel free to talk ; w ; I talk a lot! :v
EasyPaintToolSAI User Stamp by ClefairyKid Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear ಠ_ಠ a waste of money
Stamp - Illustrator User by firstfear Stamp - Apple Lover by firstfear
My usename never bothered me anyway...

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Chiimeii Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
whats cookin good lookin
Applepie97 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Student
You! My precious apple pie! U v U
I missed you! :iconpapcryplz:
Chiimeii Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
hhhhhey boo
Applepie97 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Student
Heyyyyy C: 
Sorry for the delay I got pretty inactive here ; x ; 
n-i-k-n-a-k Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Kurei Button By Momokyarameru-d8zeqkr by NlKNAK  
Applepie97 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Student
 No no thank you for the watch ; v ; 
I liked your Kurei A lot! <33 
Alluraine Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
E567 by Alluraine


fixed it :>
Applepie97 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Student
Oh you! ♥♥ :icondeyedplz:
WarriorAngel36 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya guuurl~
how have ya beeen!? :3

Applepie97 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Student
OMG How are you?? :iconpapcryplz:
I am doing really great thank you for asking U v U 
I am not active I need to do something :iconpapmingplz:
I will be more more active, it's a promise :iconlazycryplz: 
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